We recognise the importance of partnerships and close collaborations with vendors and partners alike, in order to provide our clients with a better value proposition. We continue to establish strategic partnerships with companies who have vast experience and proven track record to accomplish more together through our combined resources.

Exert Certification

Exert Certification (formerly known as Trainor Certification) is an international specialist company which operates as a Certification Body under IECEx 05 for Certification of Personnel Competence (IECEx CoPC). Exert Certification offer the units Ex 000, Ex 001, Ex 002, Ex 003, Ex 004, Ex 006, Ex 007, Ex 008 and Ex 009. AverNoble is proud to team up with Exert Certification Norway to represent EXERT as an Outsourced Assessment Centre in Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore.

More info: https://www.exertcertification.com/

Capeserve Sdn Bhd

Another one of our trusted partners, Capeserve Sdn Bhd is held in high esteem for its engineering expertise. As such, we have partnered with them for our technical training.

More info: https://capeserve.com/