AverNoble adopts a holistic approach towards branding & promotions. The 13Ps framework (Products, Price, Promotion, Place, Payment, Planning, Positioning, Paperwork, Practices, Partnerships, Policies and Protection) is placed at the forefront of our business action plan.

We will help to build, improve or update the following at your institution:

  • Brand Manual: Every company must list its maxim and detailed guidelines in a brand manual to preserve its unique identity. Ideally, the brand manual should be available in both soft- and hard-copy, and serve as a yardstick to employees both new and old.
  • Website Development: A monumental task to the inexperienced, website development is AverNoble’s forte. Allow us to assist you in creating a virtual ‘namecard,’ which will increase your exposure globally and exponentially.
  • Social Media Marketing: A requirement in our time and age, social media has the means to evoke empathy, rouse curiosity and build brand loyalty when done right. Take heed of our methods for creating memorable content and you will see a marked difference.
  • Corporate Videos: Keep your current clients and potential partners up to date on your company’s roots, achievements and goings-on with engaging corporate videos. Not only does AverNoble advice on the script, but we also provide input on art direction