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AverNoble’s student-coach knowledge transmission is arguably our strongest suit and forms the backbone of what we do. Each member of our team identifies as a ‘people person,’ hence the efficacy of our coaches. Covering a wide range of topics, from international business models to mitigation techniques, we conduct both one-on-one or group courses tailored to a company’s TNA (production, quality, administration, et cetera).

Business Coaching

Running your own independent business straddles the fence between causing huge stress and feeling like a dream come true. We help put things in place so that the former is kept to the minimum while you take maximum pride and joy in your job.

Partnering with an AverNoble coach, one is entitled to 1:1 meetings and undivided attention to keep you on track for 12 to 18 months. Business coaches have the ability to cast an unbiased eye on shortcomings while dishing out invaluable advice. As a result, our clients will start to notice the following improvements:

o Increments in revenue
o Effective leadership
o Perseverence despite challenging periods
o Low turnover rates and high talent.

Executive Coaching

Different to business coaching, executive coaching targets leaders and executives who are deemed the face of an organisation. Prime leadership is hardly achieved overnight, but with our guidance, executives will learn to earn respect without unnecessarily stepping on toes.

Our executive coaching begins by teaching you to capitalise on your best attributes, know your own strengths and flaws, and learn from your mistakes. Clients who have undergone our executive coaching notice improvements in the following:

o Improved relationship with colleagues
o Smoother work flow
o Higher employee satisfaction levels
o Hitting more targets in less time.