Catalyzing Women Entrepreneurship Japan

Catalyzing Women Entrepreneurship Japan
May 2024

Avernoble's CEO Soars to New Heights After Graduating from "Catalyzing Women Entrepreneurship" Program in Japan

Avernoble, a leading name in the training and education world, has added another feather to its cap as its CEO, Anusia Ramasamy, successfully completed a transformative 5-day training program in Japan. The program, aptly named the "Catalyzing Women Entrepreneurship" Program organised by SME Corporation Malaysia and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), brought together a dynamic group of women entrepreneurs from Malaysia.

During the program's graduation ceremony, Anusia and her accomplished peers exuded elegance and cultural pride as they adorned themselves in the stunning Baju Kurung, Baju Kebaya, Nyonya Kebaya, Cheongsam, and Saree. The program went beyond conventional business training, celebrating the participants' rich heritage and traditions.

In just one week, Anusia Ramasamy, experienced an intensive whirlwind of learning and networking. From engaging with industry experts to forming meaningful bonds with women entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds, the program was a platform for growth and empowerment. Anusia and her fellow entrepreneurs also seized the opportunity to pitch their innovative business ideas to potential partners and clients in Japan, gaining invaluable insights into the global market.

The path to graduation was no cakewalk; it was a testament to Anusia and her peers' dedication and capabilities. The selection process, meticulously overseen by SME Corporation Malaysia, was rigorous and competitive, but, Anusia stood tall among the Top 10, demonstrating her prowess and determination. Extending heartfelt gratitude to the mentors who guided her journey, Anusia expressed deep appreciation for Chef de Mission Puan Hilyati Muhammad Nasir and Puan Nor Azian Md Yusof. Their unwavering support and knowledge-sharing were instrumental in shaping the CEO's experience and growth throughout the program.

Now armed with knowledge and renewed enthusiasm, our CEO and her fellow entrepreneurs are determined to bring the program's insights back home. Their mission is clear: to elevate their business endeavours and substantially contribute to Malaysia's economic landscape.

"We're excited to take our business to the next level and contribute significantly to our nation's economic growth," shared Anusia Ramasamy. "The fantastic opportunity provided by JICA and SME Corp. Malaysia has ignited a fire within us to soar to new heights."

"The experiences gained, and connections formed during this program are poised to serve as catalysts for Avernoble's continued success and its unwavering commitment to fostering entrepreneurship, innovation, and progress," added Anusia.

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