Rosen partners Avernoble to enhance talent competency

Rosen partners Avernoble to enhance talent competency
May 2024

Rosen Group, the global leading provider of cutting-edge solutions in all areas of the integrity process chain has signed a memorandum of understanding with AverNoble, a technical and professional development company to elevate the competency of the local talent in the oil, gas, and hydrogen (OGH) sector.

Their knowledge programme, The Competence Club, is set to redefine the landscape of pipeline competence in Malaysia by bringing world-class knowledge and best practices in pipeline integrity to the forefront. The evolving landscape within the pipeline industry demands a workforce equipped with skills that are aligned to developments in the OGH sector, incorporating technology and innovative approaches for sustainable business growth.

Competency certifications, crucial for professionals in these sectors, often failed to encompass the latest industry trends and technologies, leaving the local workforce ill- equipped to address modern challenges.

In recognition of the industry’s challenges, Rosen and AverNoble aim to enhance the competence of the OGH industry by offering a comprehensive pipeline integrity programme tailored specifically to address the unique requirements of the local community.

Michelle Unger, Rosen’s global head of education services, emphasised the significance of this partnership, stating, “Our aim is to bridge the gap between global knowledge and local needs in Malaysia. By joining forces with AverNoble, we can offer a specialised pipeline integrity programme that caters directly to the O&G community. This partnership marks a new era of excellence in the field.”

AverNoble CEO Anusia Ramasamy said, “The Competence Club is a great portal and cornerstone of our commitment to education and knowledge sharing. We are excited to broaden its horizons and introduce cutting-edge content like the hydrogen series, enabling Malaysians to excel in the evolving industry landscape.”

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