Customer Service Training

Customer Service Training
Feb 2024

AverNoble Provides Training for Over 1000 Customer Service Professionals in Banking and Financing Sector with Comprehensive Communication, Professional Telephone Skills and Negotiation Skills Program

AverNoble, a leading provider of professional training, has successfully conducted a comprehensive program to enhance the communication and negotiation skills of over 1000 participants from the customer service sector in the banking and financing industry. This training initiative, which commenced in 2022 and is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2023, aims to empower professionals to excel in their roles and deliver exceptional service. 

Customer service is a critical component of the banking and finance sector, where professionals must possess excellent communication and negotiation skills to address client needs effectively. Recognising the immense value that exceptional customer service brings to their businesses, banking and financial institutions prioritise providing their clients with the highest level of service, understanding that customer satisfaction and loyalty are essential for long-term success and a strong reputation.

To meet the industry's specific challenges customer service representatives face, AverNoble developed a comprehensive training program focusing on Communication, Professional Telephone Skills, and Negotiation Skills. By investing in programs like AverNoble's communication and negotiation skills program, banking and financial institutions demonstrate their commitment to delivering personalised experiences, resolving customer concerns promptly, and ensuring clear and effective communication. These industries aim to foster trust, enhance customer relationships, and differentiate themselves in an increasingly demanding market.

The program, delivered through workshops, seminars, and interactive sessions, equips participants with practical skills and techniques to enhance their communication abilities and master the art of negotiation. AverNoble's experienced trainers leverage their expertise in the banking and finance sector to provide relevant and impactful training, ensuring participants are well-equipped to handle various customer interactions.
Throughout the program, participants learn effective communication strategies, including active listening, empathetic responses, and clear articulation of information. 

The training also focuses on negotiation techniques that enable professionals to navigate complex customer situations, resolve conflicts, and achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

The program spans from 2022 to the third quarter of 2023, conducted throughout Malaysia and ensures a comprehensive learning experience that allows participants to apply their newfound skills in real-world scenarios. AverNoble follows a phased approach, providing ample time for participants to practice and refine their communication and negotiation abilities, leading to long-lasting skill development.

Participants have reported significant improvements in customer service interactions, increased customer satisfaction ratings, and enhanced problem-solving abilities. The training has empowered them to handle challenging situations confidently, resulting in more positive outcomes and strengthened customer relationships.

AverNoble's commitment to delivering impactful training extends beyond content delivery. The program fosters an interactive and collaborative learning environment, allowing participants to network with peers and share best practices. This peer-to-peer exchange further enhances the participants' professional growth and enables them to gain insights from diverse perspectives.

As AverNoble's communication and negotiation skills program nears completion, it is a testament to its dedication to empowering professionals in the banking and financing customer service sector. 

Through comprehensive training and practical skill development, AverNoble continues to drive excellence and elevate customer service standards in the industry.

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